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Die Seite von Adrian Immanuel Kieß ist unter folgenden Domänen Adressen erreichbar:
Le site d'Adrian Immanuel Kieß est accessible sous les adresses des noms de domaine:
На сайт Adrian Immanuel Kieß можно попасть по адресам доменного имени:
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Over The Internet / Über das Internet / Par Internet / Через Интернет / A través de Internet / Su Internet / Över Internet / Visame Internete
  1. www.ADRIAN.ONL
  4. www.AIK.ONL
  6. www.KIESS.ONL

News / Neuigkeiten / Nouvelles / Новости / Noticias / Notizia / Nyheter / Žinios

  1. 27. July, 2021 Released version 1.2.0 of the JExercise Java programs. Now includes the Italian translation!
  2. 24. May, 2021 Released version 1.1.0 of the JExercise Java programs. Now with Spanish translation!
  3. 07. May, 2021 Released version 1.0.0 of the JExercise Java programs.
  4. 27. April, 2021 Released version 0.9.5 of the JExercise Java programs.
  5. 04. April, 2021 Uploaded version 0.9.3 of the JExercise Java programs.
  6. 13. March, 2021 The hosts WWW, WWW2 and WWW3 now all have HTTP/2 enabled for their WWW services.
  7. 01. March, 2021 Uploaded version 0.6.1 of the JExercise Java programs.
  8. 26. Februar, 2021 Successfully completed the second upgrade of the hosts WWW and WWW3 at my hosting provider
  9. 27. November, 2020 Successfully completed the upgrade of the hosts WWW, WWW2 and WWW3 at my hosting provider
  10. 25. November, 2020 Installed a JSPWiki at https://jspwiki,KIESS.ONL running at www2.KIESS.ONL.
  11. 21. November, 2020 Installed an Apache Tomcat 9 Java servlets server at https://www2.KIESS.ONL which is driven by FreeBSD.
  12. 21. November, 2020 Put new 0.6.0 versions of the jexercise.KIESS.ONL Java programs online.
  13. 03. September, 2020 A new NetBSD virtual private server went online at https://www3.KIESS.ONL. It will act as the guests server.
  14. 05. April, 2020 A new FreeBSD virtual private server went online at www2.KIESS.ONL featuring a network time protocol server (NTPd) at port 123/UDP.
  15. 18. May, 2019 Uploaded version of the outanekka.KIESS.ONL Perl online image gallery.
  16. 06. April, 2019 Moved www.KIESS.ONL from local hosting to a new 1und1/Ionos Debian virtual private server.
  17. 05. November, 2018 The conglom-o.KIESS.ONL system site was moved to version 4.
  18. 25. October, 2018 Put new 0.5.0 versions of the jexercise.KIESS.ONL programs online.
  19. 15. September, 2018 SSL wildcard certificate installed for https://www.ADRIAN.ONL on port 443.
  20. 31. May, 2018 SSL wildcard certificate installed for https://www.KIESS.ONL on port 443.
  21. 06. April, 2018 DigiCert SSL certificate installed for https://www.KIESS.ONL on port 443.
  22. 04. April, 2018 New primary domain KIESS.ONL.
  23. 27. March, 2018 New domain IMMANUEL.ONL went online.
  24. 02. February, 2018 Put new 0.4.0 versions of the jexercise.KIESS.ONL programs online.
  25. 10. January, 2018 Installed new CISCO RV130 router for www.KIESS.ONL.
  26. 31. August, 2017 Put new 0.3.1 versions of the jexercise.KIESS.ONL programs online.
  27. 29. August, 2017 Put new 0.3.0 versions of the jexercise.KIESS.ONL programs online.
  28. 22. August, 2017 Again, a revised web design of www.KIESS.ONL went online.
  29. 19. August, 2017 New domains AIK.ONL and KIESS.ONL went online.
  30. 10. August, 2017 Revised web design of www.KIESS.ONL went online.
Welcome to the website of
Adrian Immanuel Kieß
English national flag .us Welcome to the site of Adrian Immanuel Kieß.
German national flag .de Willkommen auf der Seite von Adrian Immanuel Kieß.
French national flag .fr Bienvenue sur le site de Adrian Immanuel Kieß.
Russian national flag .ru Добро пожаловать на сайт Adrian Immanuel Kieß.
Spanish national flag .es Bienvenido al sitio de Adrian Immanuel Kieß.
Italian national flag .it Benvenuti nel sito di Adrian Immanuel Kieß.
Swedish national flag .se Välkommen till Adrian Immanuel Kieß.
Lithuanian national flag .lt Sveiki atvykę į Adrian Immanuel Kieß svetainę.

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Adrian Immanuel Kieß…

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Notices / Notizen / Remarques / Заметки / Avisos / Avvisi / Lägger märke till / Pranešimai

Adrian Immanuel Kieß writes…

  1. #6 (24. May, 2021)
  2. #5 (01. March, 2021)
  3. #4 (19. December, 2020)
  4. #3 (11. December, 2020)
  5. #2 (17. November, 2018)
  6. #1 (17. November, 2018)

Web profiles / Web Profile / Profile Web / Веб-профили / Perfiles Web / Profili Web / Webbprofiler / Žiniatinklio profiliai

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Projects / Projekte / Projets / Проекты / Proyectos / Progetti / Projekt / Projektai

Open Source Software / Quelloffene Software / Logiciels open source / Открытыми исходными кодамиi / Software de código abierto / Software open source / Open Source-programvara / Atvirojo kodo programinė įranga
  1. outanekka.KIESS.ONL — online multiuser image display solution with additional features
  2. Development ended! InstanceXL — view and search ontologies as a spreadsheet
  3. Development ended! ssmart — secure smartcard program for SSH keys
Java Course at University of Leipzig / Java Kursus der Universität Leipzig / Cours de Java à l'Université de Leipzig / Курс Java в Лейпцигском университете / Curso de Java en la Universidad de Leipzig / Corso di Java presso l'Università di Lipsia / Java-kurs vid University of Leipzig / Java kursai Leipcigo universitete

As first step, please read the JExercise programs README.txt.
Als ersten Schritt, lesen Sie bitte die JExercise Programme README.txt.
Dans un premier temps, veuillez lire les programmes JExercise README.txt.
В качестве первого шага прочтите программу JExercise README.txt.
Como primer paso, lea el README.txt de los programas JExercise.
Come primo passaggio, leggi i programmi JExercise README.txt.
Som första steg, läs JExercise-programmen README.txt.
Pirmiausia perskaitykite JExercise programas README.txt.

Please enter the binary directory to download the Java JAR binary and the source directory to see the source code.
Bitte betreten Sie das binary Verzeichnis um das Java JAR Binär herunterzuladen und das source Verzeichnis um den Quellcode einzusehen.
Veuillez saisir le binary répertoire pour télécharger le binaire Java JAR et le répertoire source pour voir le code source.
Пожалуйста, введите binary каталог, чтобы загрузить двоичный файл Java JAR, и каталог source, чтобы увидеть исходный код.
Ingrese el binary directorio para descargar el binario Java JAR y el directorio source para ver el código fuente.
Inserisci il binary directory per scaricare il file binario Java JAR e la directory source per visualizzare il codice sorgente.
Ange binary katalog för att ladda ner Java JAR binär och source katalogen för att se källkoden.
Įveskite binary katalogą atsisiųsti „Java JAR“ dvejetainį failą ir source katalogą, kad pamatytumėte šaltinio kodą.

  1. INCLUDES ITALIAN TRANSLATION! 27. July, 2021 Released JExercise programs version 1.2.0. The applications are now translated into the Italian language and Java OpenJDK 11 LTS is now the required minimum, to run the applications. In addition to that, the applications are now signed with jarsigner, using a self-signed certificate. /AIK
  2. FINALLY SHIPPED! 24. May, 2021 Released JExercise programs versions 1.1.0. The applications now track the SVN revision and build number, the Spanish translation was added and minor and major bugs fixed. Encryption and decryption inside SeqCrypt now works inside Microsoft Windows and in addition to that, the rightclick menus of all JExercise applications now work under Microsoft Windows. /AIK
  3. FINALLY SHIPPED! 07. May, 2021 Bumped versions of JExercise applications to 1-0-0.
  4. NEW! 27. April, 2021 Released JExercise programs versions 0.9.5 with reworked help system, introduction of theme and window dimension options and language menu icons. Bugs were fixed and parts of the applications reworked. In addition to that, the copy/paste functionality of all applications is now completely implemented.
  5. NEW! 06. April, 2021 Added release 0.9.3 with completely reworked applications. There was multilingual interface support added, the keyboard shortcuts reworked and a new statusbar introduced. In addition to that, many bugs were fixed and the help functionality extended.
  1. JExercise programs Tarballs directory
    1. JExercise programs README.txt
      1. JuliaSet Java JAR binary, screenshot and source directory
        1. Visualizes Mandelbrot sets.
          Visualisiert Mandelbrot Mengen.
          Visualise les ensembles de Mandelbrot.
          Визуализирует множества Мандельброта.
          Visualiza conjuntos de Mandelbrot.
          Visualizza gli insiemi di Mandelbrot.
          Visualiserar Mandelbrot-uppsättningar.
          Vizualizuoja Mandelbroto rinkinius.
      2. KnightTour Java JAR binary, screenshot and source directory
        1. Visualizes knight's tour sequences.
          Visualisiert das Springerproblem.
          Visualise les séquences de tournées des chevaliers.
          Визуализирует последовательность туров рыцаря.
          Visualiza las secuencias del recorrido del caballero.
          Visualizza le sequenze del tour del cavaliere.
          Visualiserar riddares turneringssekvenser.
          Vizualizuoja riterio kelionių sekas.
      3. MendelLaw Java JAR binary, screenshot and source directory
        1. Visualizes Mendelian inheritance.
          Visualisiert die Mendelschen Gesetze.
          Visualise l'héritage mendélien.
          Визуализирует менделевское наследование.
          Visualiza la herencia mendeliana.
          Visualizza l'eredità mendeliana.
          Visualiserar mendelsk arv.
          Vizualizuoja Mendelio paveldėjimą.
      4. SeqCrypt Java JAR binary, screenshot and source directory
        1. Visualizes encryption and decryption.
          Visualisiert Verschlüsselung und Entschlüsselung.
          Visualise le cryptage et le décryptage.
          Визуализирует шифрование и дешифрование.
          Visualiza cifrado y descifrado.
          Visualizza crittografia e decrittografia.
          Visualiserar kryptering och dekryptering.
          Vizualizuoja šifravimą ir iššifravimą.
Websites / Webseiten / les pages Web / Веб-сайты / Sitios Web / Siti Web / Webbplatser / Tinklalapiai
  1. Systempage of KIESS.ONL conglom-o.KIESS.ONL
  2. Nickpage of Adrian Immanuel Kieß arosusi.KIESS.ONL
  3. SHADEX INC. — eXtreme solutions shadex.KIESS.ONL

Domains / Domänen / Domaines / Домены / Dominios / Domini / Domäner / Domenai

The following domains are available at KIESS.ONL:
Die folgenden Domänen sind verfügbar unter KIESS.ONL:
Les domaines suivants sont disponibles sur KIESS.ONL:
Следующие домены доступны на KIESS.ONL:
Los siguientes dominios están disponibles en KIESS.ONL:
I seguenti domini sono disponibili su KIESS.ONL:
Följande domäner finns tillgängliga på KIESS.ONL:
Šie domenai pasiekiami adresu KIESS.ONL:

  1. Homepage ADRIAN.ONL
    1. Homepage www.ADRIAN.ONL
      1. Nickpage arosusi.ADRIAN.ONL
      2. Systempage conglom-o.ADRIAN.ONL
      3. JExercise programs jexercise.ADRIAN.ONL
      4. mobilevoices mobilevoices.ADRIAN.ONL
      5. Outanekka imagery outanekka.ADRIAN.ONL
      6. Paper paper.ADRIAN.ONL
      7. Shadex Enterprises shadex.ADRIAN.ONL
      8. Shadex Enterprises shadexinc.ADRIAN.ONL
      9. Wiki wiki.ADRIAN.ONL
    2. Servlets server www2.ADRIAN.ONL
      1. JSPWiki jspwiki.ADRIAN.ONL
      2. Servlets server servlets.ADRIAN.ONL
    3. Guests server www3.ADRIAN.ONL
      1. Guests server guests.ADRIAN.ONL
    1. Homepage www.ADRIAN-IMMANUEL.DE
    2. Servlets server www2.ADRIAN-IMMANUEL.DE
      1. JSPWiki jspwiki.ADRIAN-IMMANUEL.DE
      2. Servlets server servlets.ADRIAN-IMMANUEL.DE
    3. Guests server www3.ADRIAN-IMMANUEL.DE
      1. Guests server guests.ADRIAN-IMMANUEL.DE
  3. Homepage ADRIAN-KIESS.DE
    1. Homepage www.ADRIAN-KIESS.DE
    2. Servlets server www2.ADRIAN-KIESS.DE
      1. JSPWiki jspwiki.ADRIAN-KIESS.DE
      2. Servlets server servlets.ADRIAN-KIESS.DE
    3. Guests server www3.ADRIAN-KIESS.DE
      1. Guests server guests.ADRIAN-KIESS.DE
  4. Homepage AIK.ONL
    1. Homepage www.AIK.ONL
      1. Nickpage arosusi.AIK.ONL
      2. Systempage conglom-o.AIK.ONL
      3. JExercise programs jexercise.AIK.ONL
      4. mobilevoices mobilevoices.AIK.ONL
      5. Outanekka imagery outanekka.AIK.ONL
      6. Paper paper.AIK.ONL
      7. Shadex Enterprises shadex.AIK.ONL
      8. Shadex Enterprises shadexinc.AIK.ONL
      9. Wiki wiki.AIK.ONL
    2. Servlets server www2.AIK.ONL
      1. JSPWiki jspwiki.AIK.ONL
      2. Servlets server servlets.AIK.ONL
    3. Guests server www3.AIK.ONL
      1. Guests server guests.AIK.ONL
  5. Homepage IMMANUEL.ONL
    1. Homepage www.IMMANUEL.ONL
      1. Nickpage arosusi.IMMANUEL.ONL
      2. Systempage conglom-o.IMMANUEL.ONL
      3. JExercise programs jexercise.IMMANUEL.ONL
      4. mobilevoices mobilevoices.IMMANUEL.ONL
      5. Outanekka imagery outanekka.IMMANUEL.ONL
      6. Paper paper.IMMANUEL.ONL
      7. Shadex Enterprises shadex.IMMANUEL.ONL
      8. Shadex Enterprises shadexinc.IMMANUEL.ONL
      9. Wiki wiki.IMMANUEL.ONL
    2. Servlets server www2.IMMANUEL.ONL
      1. JSPWiki jspwiki.IMMANUEL.ONL
      2. Servlets server servlets.IMMANUEL.ONL
    3. Guests server www3.IMMANUEL.ONL
      1. Guests server guests.IMMANUEL.ONL
  6. Homepage KIESS.ONL
    1. Homepage www.KIESS.ONL
      1. Nickpage arosusi.KIESS.ONL
      2. Systempage conglom-o.KIESS.ONL
      3. JExercise programs jexercise.KIESS.ONL
      4. mobilevoices mobilevoices.KIESS.ONL
      5. Outanekka imagery outanekka.KIESS.ONL
      6. Paper paper.KIESS.ONL
      7. Shadex Enterprises shadex.KIESS.ONL
      8. Shadex Enterprises shadexinc.KIESS.ONL
      9. Wiki wiki.KIESS.ONL
    2. Servlets server www2.KIESS.ONL
      1. JSPWiki jspwiki.KIESS.ONL
      2. Servlets server servlets.KIESS.ONL
    3. Guests server www3.KIESS.ONL
      1. Guests server guests.KIESS.ONL

Services / Dienste / Prestations de service / Сервисы / Servicios / Servizi / Tjänster / Paslaugos

The following services are available at KIESS.ONL:
Die folgenden Dienste sind verfügbar unter KIESS.ONL:
Les services suivants sont disponibles sur KIESS.ONL:
На KIESS.ONL доступны следующие услуги:
Los siguientes servicios están disponibles en KIESS.ONL:
I seguenti servizi sono disponibili su KIESS.ONL:
Följande tjänster finns tillgängliga på KIESS.ONL:
Šios paslaugos pasiekiamos adresu KIESS.ONL:

  1. DNS at port 53 for all
    1. www-subdomains
  2. NTP at port 123 for all
    1. www-subdomains,
    2. www2-subdomains &
    3. www3-subdomains
  3. WWW at port 80 & 443 for all
    1. www-subdomains,
    2. www2-subdomains &
    3. www3-subdomains
  4. XMPP/Jabber at port 5222 & 5269 for domains
    1. ADRIAN.ONL,
    4. AIK.ONL,
    6. KIESS.ONL